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   Under the expert tutelage of act safe!


   After many years of experience in the field of high technologies, we offer to the Bulgarian market best quality products from companies, well known to the European and world markets. All products at our showcase are tested by our TLABS team. On that account we confirm their completion and offer them to you. We can assure you that our team and all the companies we work with or represent, rely on accuracy and precision. Most of our partners are German companies, well known for providing quality work.

Another virtual MALL, you do not say!



Welcome to our virtual showcase!



What is so special about us than the other on-line shops?      


  • You can utilize our goods at the office and at home. What is more, you can make an impressive, usable and practical present.
  • We offer you not just a number of specialized products, we know them.


Why we offer just a selected amount of products?


  • Because of our long practical experience on the Bulgarian market, through our previous work on various projects, we have selected the most applicable and useful goods for our end users. The showcase of TLABS is designed to represent and inform you about the utilization and administration of original and specialized products, as well as their applicability in our everyday surroundings.


  • We are not hiding behind our show window.  We are always available to discuss any of our products in detail, not only via e-mail, but also through direct communication - whether by phone or in person. Contact us if you have comments, questions or need assistance. 


  • We are glad to present to the Bulgarian market highly developed and flexible, both technologically and in practical terms, companies , whose products and innovative technologies have been proven in everyday life and are a key driver of progress in our work.